The GreateCoopr Polson Community Foundation awarded $17,760 in grants to seven local non profits during its 2015-2016 grant cycle.

• In 2016, the Flathead Lake International Cinemafest (FLIC), screened 60 films from 12 countries. GPCF has consistently provided FLIC with a financial base that has been an invaluable catalyst to providing this area of the country with a quality film festival as well as outside interest and revenue during the sleepy month of January ($2,500).

• Mission Valley Aquatics partnered with the Polson Chapter of the Boys and Girls Club of the Flathead Reservation in order to provide 50 club members each a session of eight after school swimming lessons throughout the school year ($2,500).

• A new garage door was installed on the Dayton Proctor Park building with funds from GPCF and Plum Creek. The new door allows storage of two new mowers on site, which makes the mowers accessible to volunteers who no longer have to bring mowers from home to maintain the park ($1,000).

• The Onward and Upward Kids Co-op tent is being used to provide a marketing venue for the youth gardens and crafts that are created and sold by local youth ($1,000 matching).

• Mission Valley Mariners will put up a directional sign on 10th Ave. E. and 1st St. E. and buy sandwich boards to display on game day ($2,425).

• Also awarded grants were the Sandpiper Art Gallery ($875 matching), Lake House/Western Montana Mental Health Center ($5,000) and Flathead Lakers ($2,460).