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Bob and Amy Zimorino – Cooking for the Cause…

It all began in 2011 when Bob Zimorino, Missoula’s well-known chef, agreed to include one of his gourmet dinners for eight in the list of live auction items at the Greater Polson Community Foundation’s (GPCF) annual Passion for Polson fund-raiser. That delicious meal prepared and served in a lake-front home was such a hit, Bob was inspired to make the same offer for the next fund-raiser, and the next, and the next! With each passing year the bidding for the beautiful four-course meal Bob and his wife Amy prepare has become more and more competitive. One year when the top bid was $2500, Bob said he would prepare two meals if the second bidder agreed to that price. Ever since that has become a tradition. At this year’s Passion for Polson event the top bid was $5,000, and once again the second bidder agreed to that price, setting an all-time high of $10,000 for this very special dinner party. So far Bob and Amy’s dinners have generated over $45,000 for GPCF. Why do Bob and Amy spend time shopping for food, preparing ingredients, cooking, packing it all in their car for the drive to Polson, and then magically putting it all together in someone else’s kitchen?
It’s because they are the kind of people who believe in living generously. They have a special soft spot in their hearts for our town. They want to help us make it the best it can be. And for all of that we are very thankful.

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