pms-mediaprojectAccording to the International Society for Technology in Education online, “in today’s digital world it is critical that all students gain the digital literacy skills they need to be productive, ethical and responsible digital citizens.” Project Media Mania will enable 6th -8th grade Polson Middle School (PMS) students to hook their audience through the internet, television, magazines, and newspapers.  This project is dedicated to the craft of writing, editing, photography, film, and documenting the news for PMS by producing the school newspaper- The Hook, an online digital version of The Hook, publishing the yearbook, and broadcasting news stories produced by students in PNN-Pirate News Network to approximately 500 students in Polson Middle School.

Project Media Mania will reach and impact student/parent audiences, online viewers, and viewers of public television SKC-PBS when broadcasted monthly. The Greater Polson Community Foundation grant will allow students to use updated, modern equipment and software when researching, scripting, filming, writing, or editing their news story, showing proof that kids can literally make the news.

 Specifically, students need updated cameras that are digital with high definition and can be connected with a teleprompter attachment so students can work in the field, computers that can handle video editing, and new software for students to use to edit their pieces. Students will have the opportunity to develop a thriving interest in current events, activities happening in Polson, MT, and the surrounding communities.  Additional skills that students would learn include: creating independent project-based news stories, developing self-confidence, learning to work as a team, mastering the art of recording and reporting, leadership skills, journalistic ethics, and creative problem solving.