In 2010, the board of directors for the Greater Polson Community Foundation (GPCF) began asking themselves, “Are the grants we’re awarding to local non-profit organizations making a difference in Polson? Should we be thinking long-term about how the GPCF can positively affect Polson’s future? What do people in our community think is important?”

This book is a summation of the Polson Heart & Soul Project, a two-year matching grant to underwrite the cost and provide a format to answer those questions. It was a way to reach out to members of the entire Polson community, to engage in conversations about Polson’s future, and to thoughtfully consider the impact of growth and changes that will inevitably come. It reflects conversations that took place during 19 neighborhood gatherings and the many community events where Heart & Soul volunteers interacted with community members.

This book is dedicated to all who participated in the Polson Heart & Soul Project and those who reside within the greater Polson community.

Click to download a .pdf of the Polson Heart & Soul Book