Choirs from around the world travel to Missoula for the International Choral Festival held once every three years. On Tuesday, July 16, two of those choirs were right here in Polson giving a free-of-charge performance at the Polson High School auditorium. 

The accomplished Eller Girls’ Choir from Estonia and the
Veus – Cor infantil Amics de la Unió, Catalonia/Spain Choir from Catalonian Spain shared their beautiful voices and a bit of their unique cultures as a part of the “outreach program” of the festival. The International Choral Festival is devoted to fostering cultural exchange and good will through the universal language of music by bringing world class choirs to other Montana towns before and after the main Festival in Missoula, July 17-20. It is sponsored by the Montana Arts Council’s Cultural Trust and the Greater Polson Community Foundation.

What an absolute treat for our community. We hope they will take fond memories of Polson, Montana, USA back to their countries with them.