Polson’s non-profit sector adds tremendous value to our community’s well-being.  It has for years. Think Boys and Girls Club, Mission Valley Aquatics, FLIC, Polson Food Pantry, Mission Valley Live, Miracle of America Museum, Helping Hands, and others.  Recognizing the importance of these, and other, organizations, GPCF has added a new program of Trust-Based General Grants (TBGGs) to annual project grants in 2020.  

Trust-based grants go to organizations with which we have worked for years: organizations that are important to our community, have earned our community’s trust, and deserve support for general operations.  TBGG applications are by invitation only.  Organizations receiving a TBGG may still apply for annual project grants.  The application process and reporting for TBGGs is kept simple.  Our ‘trust’ reflects confidence in an organization’s board, management, and programs.

This new “trust-based” grant process requires GPCF to interact with non-profit organizations regularly, to learn, and to keep in touch with community needs.  Our purpose is to “partner with”, and encourage, organizations in serving Polson’s well-being.  GPCF made 8 TBGGs in the 2020 grant cycle, using roughly half of total available grant funds ($50,000).  The other half supported annual project grants.  In total, 18 organizations received new or renewed GPCF support in the 2020 grant cycle.

We expect to renew TBGGs annually, on application, for deserving non-profits.  As our experience and awareness of needs grows, we hope (with community support) to invite other organizations to apply for trust-based grants, as well as to increase support for project grants.

We thank the many donors making possible grants totaling $800,000 over the past decade.   We are particularly grateful that the endowment legacy left by John Cowan enabled GPCF to nearly double the amount granted in 2020 and in future years.  We know benefits realized through the generosity of our donors depend on the hard work of non-profit volunteers and their employees.  To both donors and our non-profits we owe deep gratitude.

Toni Young Whealon, GPCF President & Roger S. Smith, GPCF Grant Committee Chair