0521_GPCF-113-PressBecause of a donor’s generosity, the Greater Polson Community Foundation now has its own office on the lower level of the Salish Building at 110 Main Street. The office space in the recently remodeled building is freshly painted and newly carpeted. Two anonymous donors are equipping it with desks and a large conference table.

This will be the headquarters for GPCF where our financial and donor records will be kept, directors can meet for regular board meetings, and volunteers and any part-time staff can do the work of the GPCF. In the future, it may also become the space where other committees and non-profit organizations can convene their meetings.

President Penny Jarecki said, “Our board of directors is absolutely thrilled to have this opportunity to have an office right on Polson’s Main Street. Not only is it convenient and will help us become more effective, it also makes GPCF more visible in the community. All of this is possible because of generous donors. We are extremely grateful for their support and encouragement.”