11822989_1457496004576798_4546091336722873890_oDenver Holt has been around the world, more than a few times, and knows a thing or two about beautiful locations and natural attractions. He’s the director of the Owl Institute in Charlo and one of the world’s foremost experts on owls.
Holt was the guest of honor at this year’s Annual Passion For Polson Celebration, and he wasted no time sharing with his audience that the Mission Valley is unique, and it has a lot to draw one particular crowd: birders.

Holt’s talk brought the theme of the party, Go Wild for Polson, into sharp focus. He encouraged community members, and the leaders in attendance, to look into nature-based, sustainable tourism opportunities to contribute to a more vibrant year-round local economy.

Violinist Geoffrey Castle dazzled guests with lively melodies as the evening sun set on the lakefront home of Darrell and Sandi Cain. The event saw a record number of guests in attendance and raised $21,562.12 for the foundation.

“A great many people told me afterward that this event was the best one we have ever had,” said GPCF Penny Jarecki, praising the location, food, decor and presentation.

A live auction, which rounded out the evening with some animated bidding, earned $8,700, and was highlighted by the sale of two “Day With Denver” packages, each bringing in $2,800.