The Boulder 2700 Fire has had devastating effects on our community. News and social media have told us inspiring stories of compassion as well as stories of heartbreaking loss. So many volunteers have come together to help with the immediate needs of the fire fighters, Mission Valley Power linemen, the evacuees, displaced pets. Polson has suffered but we will survive the fire and be a stronger community for all we have shared. The Greater Polson Community Foundation is looking toward the future as equipment needs to be replaced, homes and neighborhoods rebuilt, and continuing to support all efforts surrounding the losses. 

The Greater Polson Community Foundation is donating funds to support our community from the devastating effects of the Boulder 2700 fire. Your tax deductible gift to this campaign will go to the area volunteer fire departments who all took part in this cooperative effort. Please consider donating through GPCF as a tax deductible gift or make a gift to the local volunteer fire department of your choice. If you would like to make a donation to Finley Point Yellow Bay Volunteer department, they are currently raising funds through at the following links: or the FPYBFD Facebook page..