Trust-Based Grants

What is a Trust-Based Grant and how does it differ from an Annual Project Grant?

  • Applications for Trust Based Grants is by invitation only.
  • Trust Based grants are for Non-profits that have worked with GPCF 
  • GPCF understands and values the non-profit’s contribution to GPCF’s mission, in which they may qualify for a Trust Based Grant
  • Trust Based Grants are not project specific and may be used for general operating purposes.
  • Trust Based Grant applicants use a shorter application form.
  • A Trust Based Grant may be larger than most “project specific” annual grants.
  • A GPCF representative will meet with a potential recipient prior to a Trust Based Grant application being submitted
  • Trust Based Grants require an annual application, visit, and report, but GPCF may renew from year to year.
  • GPCF wishes to assist, as an informed partner, with non-profits receiving Trust Based Grants.

Grant Awards

*Boys & Girls Club of Flathead reservation

*FLIC (Flathead Lake International Cinemafest)

*Helping Hands

*Miracle of America Museum
*Mission Valley Aquatics
*Mission Valley LIVE
*Polson Loaves & Fish Food Pantry
*Women 4 Wellness